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Your Dedicated Professional Team

How do we provide a professional service with your move in New York, Chicago, Miami, Omaha or anywhere else? Quite simple... WE DO SO EVERY DAY!


Not only do we have the experience moving large or small operations anywhere in the country but we have all the necessary resources at our disposal to ensure that your office move is a complete success. We track hundreds of professional office moving companies across the country and choose only the best, most reliable partners when working with- or referring you to partners. Trust a proven plan that goes through us.

How To Move Your Office
Kevin Stringer

VP Sales / Cert. Relocation Consultant

O: 800-334-9905 | M: 916-563-7466

F: 916-928-9787

Kevin has over 15+ years of experience in the relocation industry, having worked for companies in Europe and in the U.S. His expertise lies in his ability to think out-of-the-box and to focus on what he calls a 'Project ROI", which means, both the money invested and the services received are a win-win for both parties. Kevin will help you make the right decisions throughout the challenging task of moving an operation and assist you in choosing the right partners on the way.

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Jibraun Lopez

Project Management / Space & Furniture Design Consultant

O: 800-334-9905 | M: 916-538-1137

Jibraun has spent all his career in the furniture industry, having worked as a buyer, a seller, an installer, and Space Design Consultant and field Project Manager. From his early days as an installer out in the field to his role today, managing projects and finding the right furniture solution for clients, Jibraun's expertise and methodical approach will benefit any work environment long after the move & installation team leaves. 

Christina Tynes

Senior Project and Move Coordinator

O: 800-334-9905 | M: 916-563-7477

F: 916-928-9787

Christina is the center of communication prior, during and after a relocation project. She has a background in the Title Industry and with this has acquired a great ability to ensure attention to detail. She provides assistance from day one all the way through the post-move activities and is an integral part of the move process. She also acts as your liaison for move, add, change services long after the you have moved into your new space.

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