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The Moving Guide

Professional Relocation Companies offer several key components to ensure that a relocation is a success and incurs ZERO DOWNTIME. The three components are:


  • Moving Labels

  • Totes for packing loose items

  • Computer peripheral accessories


Here is a recap of guidelines to be aware of prior to starting the physical relocation process. Please request a MOVING GUIDE in the 'Spreadsheets' section for full instructions.

  • Boxes or totes will be delivered one week in advance of the move date

  • All loose items to be packed in these boxes - if it fits, pack it.

  • Place a label on any piece of furniture, art and or box that is to be moved

  • Assign label #'s based on the NEW space layout in sequential order. Reception# 1, next office #2, then #3 etc. 

  • Next to the move number, label every item with a  1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc. to ensure you know that all of your items were delivered

  • Please pack contents in storage cabinets unless you have sensitive material or items you need quick access to – these we recommend you pack yourself and move yourself

  • Pack all desk contents.  No exceptions.

  • Place small items such as pens, paper clips, etc. in a sealed envelope and place in a box.

  • Lock doors to keep them from coming open during the move.

  • Tape keys securely on top of units with moving tape or take them with you

  • You do not need to pack vertical file cabinet contents - leave full

  • Only pack top two drawers of a 4-5 drawer lateral file cabinets, leave bottom drawers full

  • Shut down your PC at the end of the day, disconnect your computer

  • Pack any computer accessory in the pink PC bags being delivered before the move and cover your monitor with the pink foam cover provided bv the movers

  • The plastic bag provided is to be placed next to your PC.  Your computer cables must be placed in this bag to be moved with your PC​

  • Pack personal items and take them home with you - this includes personal plants, artwork, framed items, etc.

  • The contents of conference, supply and break rooms are to be packed via team effort. Personal items must be removed or brought back to your work area. Everybody should pitch in to pack these areas.

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