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Go Green!

How To Move Your Office

As one of the leaders in the Relocation and Logistics industry, Chipman has been among the first to embrace some of the most progressive, emerging industry practices that help reduce waste and carbon emissions. 




With this program, we have committed ourselves to recycling all reusable materials to minimize landfill use. Unwanted office furniture is disassembled and sent to metal or wood recyclers as appropriate, and all recovered cardboard and paper packing material is sorted, baled, and palletized for recycling.


Furniture in good condition is donated to local charities such as Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill, and local HOPE Charters all across America.


We know that “green” initiatives are of increasing importance to our clients, and we strive to be good partners and good corporate citizens in these efforts.


As a commitment to the environment and future generations, the owners of Chipman Relocations have mandated that all decommissioning and recycling services are to be performed ‘at cost’ for there is no need to profit from simply doing the right thing.


Many decommissioning projects can be performed FREE OF CHARGE with redesignation efforts or selling of assets. Depending on recycle -and or resale values, some modest transportation costs may apply.




See below a list of partners whom we donate your surplus assets too...

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