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Construction & Tenant Improvement Pricing


Typically every move will require some type of office space modification. The Landlord may expense the costs initially and then charge you a higher amortized lease rate or you can pay the costs directly. Either way, adusting the new office space to the requirements of your operation will easily improve the return on investment of the entire relocation project.

When to consider a Tenant Improvement Project

Reduce- or increase existing office space without moving

Long term lease yet interior signs of wear and tear

Re-stack office staff to support company operations

Rebranding your retail/office environment

Capital investment (own vs. lease)

Create better working environment (open floor plan vs doored offices)

Freshen Office with new Carpet and Paint Only

Download Your Interactive Version For Calculations

Deacon Corp

The company’s first office space was an eight by 10-foot room in a small office building in southwest Portland, borrowed from some friends. Steve and his wife were the company, with support from J.R. Roberts.

Business volume the first year was $360,000 with a company goal to just survive. By 1986, the volume was $10 million; $100 million in 1993; $185 million in 2003; $325 million in 2005 and $500 million projected for 2016.


We attribute this extraordinary growth to our discovery that the more independence and authority we provide to our people, the further they take the company. We have about 400 people working out of offices in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Pleasanton and Irvine. Consistent with the company culture, there is no headquarters office and there is very little hierarchy.

We enjoy projects of all sizes, new or remodel, and we will contract using either design-build or conventional delivery systems. More than two-thirds of our work is negotiated and that same ratio is repeat business. We have divisions devoted to repair and restoration and real estate development, and we take specific care not to compete with our clients in our real estate development work. We are proud of our charitable giving, much of it through the Deacon Charitable Foundation, as well as our EcoAction efforts.

The focus of our company is on service, teamwork and communication. Our culture is one of support, humility and encouragement of personal growth. We value open-mindedness and encourage change as a way to improve. We are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, who in turn are supported by the resources of our company. 

Vanir Construction Group

Mr. H. Frank Dominguez founded the Vanir Group of Companies, Inc. over 38 years ago in San Bernardino, California. Vanir Group’s subsidiary companies specialize in all aspects of commercial and institutional real estate development and participate in project delivery throughout California and the nation. The combined staff of the Vanir Group of Companies total over 350 professionals including architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors and developers.

TRICORP Construction is a California-based commercial General Contractor and Construction Management company. TRICORP Construction serves private and public sector clients, providing full Preconstruction and Construction services throughout California.


TRICORP Construction has vast experience in both public and private projects in a wide array of industries. The company retains strong construction management and preconstruction resources, and the commitment to quality of product and services.


TRICORP Construction has earned a reputation as one of the fastest growing companies and has been honored as “General Contractor of the Year” in Sacramento, Yuba, Yolo and El Dorado Counties. The company has quickly risen within the construction industry by offering a progressive approach to project management, along with personal attention to client needs.

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