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Protecting Assets

Building & Accidents

  • Per regulatory requirements, proper liability insurance must be held when conducting any type of service in a public, commercial building. Always request proof of insurance prior to hiring a service provider.

  • This liability insurance will typically cover damage to buildings, vehicles as well as workers comp claims.


Damage to Goods & Furniture

  • The mover’s liability is limited by law to $0.60 per pound and per article.

  • For physical damage to office goods and/or furniture, moving companies offer something called 'Valuation or Damage Protection.'

  • This is an additional level of liability that can be provided upon request. Please do not mistake this for insurance.

  • Valuation or ‘damage protection’ will increase their liability with a charge or a premium, similar to insurance. If you decline additional coverage and damage occurs to your goods during the move then you are entitled to merely $0.60 per pound per article

  • Example: a 20 lb flat screen monitor = $12.00 settlement.


We strongly advise you take advantage of valuation options to increase the mover’s liability level in case of loss or damage. Check with your own insurance company what value you should assess for goods being moved. For more information, check out this great resource page:



The charges you incur are based on a lump sum declared coverage you request. The formula below shows the average cost per $1,000.00 of declared value that you can request. 



Sample Damage Protection Costs: 


$1,000 at a $0 deductible            Cost: $10.00 per thousand                                                  

$0.60/ per pound and article     Cost: free of charge

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