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Outsourcing Your Logistics & Storage

If you manage any sizeable amount of assets, products or raw materials then it may make sense to outsource some of your logistic functions. Not only can it increase your profit margins but it can also enhance and expand some of the services you currently offer. Leasing warehouse space can be expensive when combined with maintenance costs, equipment up-keep as well as paying warehouse staff.

How To Move Your Office

What can Outsourcing do?

Enhance Core Business Focus

Outsourcing allows you spend more time marketing and growing the business and enhancing your products and services rather than working in the business.


Preserve Capital

Why invest in warehouse space, technology, and additional staff if there is no need to do so. Outsourcing redirects capital to growing a business.

Leverage Technology

Through outsourcing, your client’s gains access to the benefits of technology without you having to make the investment.


Reduce Operating Cost

Outsourcing helps lower or eliminate costs that would be necessary to manage an internal fulfillment program: staff, training, facilities, freight, and on-going expenses.


Chipman Relocations has complete turnkey capabilities all over the world:


  • a typical facility will have docks, cameras and will be gated and alarmed

  • 660 locations nationwide and 1,312 locations globally

  • e-commerce order fulfillment programs in all major markets

  • just-in-time delivery with key carriers or carriers of choice

  • national white glove and last mile delivery via United Van Lines & Mayflower



​​For more information or to receive a free, outsourcing cost analysis,

simply call (916) 563-7466 or email us.

How To Move Your Office
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