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New furniture is not always the answer but don't take all the old. Invest in your new space.

When moving your office, taking all your old furniture may not make much sense. Not just because its old but likely the new space is laid out differently than your existing space. Desk and return may not fit the configuration of your new office (door is right vs left f.e.) or your cubicles may just be too big/small to accommodate the new open floor space. Many factors are to be considered prior to deciding what to move and what to replace. Talk to your move consultant to recommend you to good space planners in town. Furniture retailers will likely only sell you their own furniture which is why we recommend space planners first. At $50/hr typically you can receive some pretty good renderings. Not all has to be new - we recommend the hybrid approach. Determine what is needed, what matches, then replace the old and keep the good...

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